Today Nursing and paramedical has became most sought after career option for lakhs of youths across The India. Because this is the easiest & safest way to achieve success & status in life.The feeling of being economically independent at early age of your career is entirely different,and those who have achieved it,knows it better.

Many wants to know that why the nursing and paramedical professions has became so popular around the world? But,before that,let us know what exactly nursing & paramedical means:-

Nurse: N- Noble profession, U- Understands the behaviors and problems of patients. R-Responsible Person of the Hospital, S- Shows Sympathy towards people, & E- Empowering World. Doctors are the brain of the hospital and Nurses are the heart of the hospital. Even both doctors and nurses presence is most essential while treating the patients. Doctors only examine and prescribe the Medicines to the Patients, but most basic amenities such as Medicines, Nutrition, Exercise and Health Education etc will be fulfilled by Nurses only. The basic Qualification to become a Nurse is ANM (Auxiliary Nurse Midwife or Health Worker Female), GNM (Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery or Staff Nurse) and B Sc Nursing (Bachelor of Science in Nursing or Staff Nurse). To become a Registered Nurse and Registered Midwife, after the successful completion of the above said courses one can register under respective State Nursing Council which is monitored and Regulated by Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi.

Paramedical: In any multispecialty hospital,there are different branches & departments.Staffs,who are specialized in any particular medical field. Any health team constitutes Doctors, Nurses, Paramedical Technicians and D Group Staff etc. Multispecialty hospitals needed specialized persons to deal with the various health problems of the community. E.g., Doctors are assisted by Operation Theatre Technician to conduct Minor and Major Surgeries in the Hospital. Dialysis Technician for Dialysis during Renal Failure and deal with Urinary and Nephrological Disorders. Optometry Technician to assist Ophthalmologist in dealing with various Eye Disorders. Emergency and Traumatic cases are assisted by Emergency and Trauma Care Technician. Inflammation and Orthopedic cases are dealt by Physiotherapist.

Why the scope of Nursing and Paramedical is more than other Professions?

Lakhs of Students successfully passed their Intermediate course every year in India. In our country,Intermediate is the basic foundation to seek admission for various professional courses. There are only thousands of Govt. seats available for MBBS and Engineering Courses in India. Because of Poor Economical Status Some talented students are unable to prepare for Entrance and fails in the Entrance Examination and loses their dreams about MBBS and Engineering. Whereas,terms and conditions for admission in Nursing and Paramedical are very simple. Infact,there is no need of Science subjects to get admission in Nursing Courses (ANM and GNM). Students can easily get admission in Nursing and Paramedical Courses.

100 Percent Immediate Requirement: The best aspect of Nursing and Paramedical after obtaining a Diploma/Degree is neither to wait nor to roam for the employment. For both, Nurses or Paramedical Technicians, there are plenty of job openings are present all over the world. Its up to you to decide,in which hospital you wants to join. There are 100 options around you, In that you can choose any option which is best suitable for you.

Government Recruitments: Health and Education are the fundamental priority of all the Governments. A Primary Health Centre can cater its health services to only 30000 populations, but in Uttar Pradesh it's about 200000 Populations. Based on this Govt. is opening New Hospital to fulfill this gap. U P Govt. had laid foundation stone for construction of Medical Colleges in Chandauli, Azamgarh, Jaunpur, Kushinagar etc to improve the Number of Health Team Members thereby providing Quality of Health Services to the community. There are Lakhs of posts vacant in Nursing/Paramedical in Govt. Hospitals of Uttar Pradesh. Govt. is recruiting thousands of Nurses/Paramedical Staff's under Permanent or Contractual basis .Therefore,Govt.Job opportunities are better in Nursing/Paramedical compare to other professions.

Socio - Economic Development: Getting a job means earning money, earning money means definitely there will be an Economic Development of the Person. A Job will change your lifestyle and directions of your life. There will be a different feeling of satisfaction to lead the life with your own money. It is the most powerfull tool for Girls to fight against social evil such as dowry etc. At the young age of life you are able to maintain the expenditure of your family which gives a lot of support to your parents.You wont notice that, but slowly there will be lots of changes in your lifestyles.

Noble Profession: In view of self satisfaction, Nursing and Paramedical are the most sacred & profession. Nothing in this World can give you more satisfaction,than the smile of that person whose pain & disease was relieved by your treatment . Remember this,if you are nurse or paramedical,then you are very lucky,because The almighty God has chosen you for this profession.

Career Development: Health Problems are common to all human beings depending upon the Climate, Lifestyle, Poor Socio - Economic Status, Lack of Nutrition Etc. Beginning from Birth to Death every human being will face one or another health problems. Hence health personnel are having more scope compare to other professions. Demand for Nurses and Paramedical Staff is more not only in India but all over the World. Countries like America, Germany, Australia, etc need lakhs of Nurses and Paramedical Staff to fulfill the health demands of there community. There is no difference of salary between Nurses and Doctors in Abroad. Due to lack of qualified personnel some untrained personnel are working in so many hospitals. For quality service qualified persons are needed.